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VI Systems 850nm VCSEL chip tested up to 160 Gbit/s

14 Nov 2016 - VCSEL,equalization technology
BERLIN, Germany, Oct 05, 2016, Several test partners revealed at the ECOC 2016 in Duesseldrof, Germany record data transmission results using VI Systems fiber coupled 850nm VCSEL modules. The results have been obtained with the latest generation of vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) fiber coupled modules (V50-850M and V100-850M) in combination with advanced modulation schemes and equalization technology.

A data rate of up to 108 Gbit/s over above 100 m with 850nm multimode VCSEL was demonstrated using pulsed amplitude modulation (PAM) with 4 or 8 levels (4-PAM and 8-PAM).
A discrete multitone modulation (DMT) was applied to single mode 850nm VCSEL for data transmission of 112 Gbit/s over 100 m of multimode fiber.
With duo binary 4-PAM modulation technology a maximum data rate of 160 Gbit/s (BTB) or 150 Gbit/s over 100 m of  multimode fiber using multimode VCSEL have been demonstrated.   

More details can be found in the related technical presentations.

1) M.2.C.3: 112 Gb/s PAM-4 Optical Signal Transmission over 100-m OM4 Multimode fiber
2) Th.1.C.2: Single Lane 150-Gb/s, 100-Gb/s and 70-Gb/s 4-PAM Transmission over 100-m, 300-m and 500-m MMF
3) Th.2.P2.SC4.44: Single-Lane 112Gbps Transmission over 300m OM4 Multimode Fiber Based on A Single-Transverse-Mode 850nm VCSEL
4) W.4.P1.SC4.43:  Up to 108 Gb/s PAM 850 nm Multi and Single Mode VCSEL Transmission over 100 m of Multi Mode Fiber

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