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China's Telecom Market Allows Private Capital

20 Jan 2017 - telecommunication,mobile resale service,4G,5G
The General Office of the Communist Party and General Office of the State Council of China recently issued the Guideline of Mobile Internet Healthy Development Promotion.

The Guideline advocates diversified investment & financing developments and a new open telecom market in which various players can complement each other's advantages, compete and develop commonly without sacrificing the safety.

The Guideline makes it very clear that China admits the entry of private capital to the basic telecommunication field.

The mobile resale services, the entry of private capital, the mixed ownership reform of China Unicom and the listing of China Tower have demonstrated China's determination to open the telecom market.

Under the guideline in terms of the information infrastructure evolution, China will make efforts to achieve in-depth 4G coverage in urban areas, try its best to make 4G network cover rural areas and poverty regions and accelerate research & development, standard setting and commercial deployments of 5G.

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