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China's MVNO Monthly Revenue Over CNY200 Million

14 Apr 2017 - MVNO,Mobile Virtual Network Operator,China Unicom
MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) services have been launched in China for three years. Following the real-name system, "broadband network speed raise and tariff cut", and wholesale pricing being higher than the retail price, MVNO adopts pragmatism and innovation, and has found the market and begun a healthy development, rising like a phoenix from the ashes.

The market for the Chinese telecom operators is not a good choice for MVNO, which provides no opportunity for the latter, Zhou Renjie, general manager of regulatory affairs of China Unicom said.

With unremitting efforts in innovation, MVNO has achieved over 46 million subscribers in China by February 2017, among which 11 companies have got more than 1 million subscribers respectively and the one of largest scale has obtained over 8 million. China's mobile resale service revenue has been growing, which reached CNY200 million monthly for 8 consecutive months from April to December 2016. In addition, mobile resale services have attracted private investment in China of over CNY3.1 billion during its development.

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