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China's Cloud Computing Market to Hit CNY430 bn in 2019

19 Apr 2017 - MIIT,cloud computing,Internet of Things
MIIT released a three-year cloud computing developing plan (2017-2019) on April 10.

Cloud computing has triggered innovation in the model of software development and deployment model, become the key infrastructure carrying all kinds of applications and provided basic support for large data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other emerging areas.

Cloud Computing has been accepted by the Chinese market. Developing rapidly, China's cloud computing market has reached CNY150 billion by 2015.

The Chinese government wants its cloud computing industry to be worth 430 billion renminbi by 2019, and to make breakthroughs in a number of core key technologies, and its cloud computing service capabilities to reach the international advanced level. It also plans to raise the application level in manufacture and government affairs.

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