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China to Launch Mobile Edge Computing in 2018

02 May 2017 - Mobile Edge Computing,MEC,ZTE
People are increasingly used to watching on-line videos on mobile terminals, which consumes a lot of radio resources and bandwidth and poses a huge challenge to wireless carriers and video service providers. The wireless network will face pressure unabated in the next few years.

Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) came out. MEC can integrate the wireless network and Internet, adds the function of calculation, storage and processing to wireless network, effectively reduce the pressure on transmission network through the information interaction between wireless network and susiness server based on wireless API, which helps the telecom operators can process the information faster, achieve differentiated services, and really changes users' video viewing experience.

MEC has become the next technical hotspot following cloud computing which concentrates the information in "cloud" and achieves a better allocation of resources; MEC focuses on the localized transmission of information, indispensable in the era of large video and 5G.

To be as the MEC equipment provider and edge computing core basic ability provider, ZTE has been communicating and cooperating with China's three state-owned telecommunication carriers on the tests of MEC.

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