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China Will have Over 1 Billion 4G Users In 2017

15 Feb 2017 - 4G
China will have over 1 billion 4G users in 2017, of which the penetration rate will approach 85% in 2021 in China which TD-LTE will dominate, CATR (China Academy of Telecommunication Research) predicted recently. TD-LTE users are estimated to exceed 70 percent as a share of China's 4G users this year and to reach 870 million by 2021.

In addition, nearly 8 billion global mobile users will push the penetration rate to 104 percent in 2017, which is expected to surpass 9 billion in 2021.

4G users are estimated to outpace WCDMA user in 2018 and catch the most mobile users worldwide in 2019.

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