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China Unicom Adds 700,000 4G Base Stations in 20 Months

02 Nov 2016 - China Unicom,base station,4G,FDD LTE,3G
China Unicom has built 700,000 4G base stations since February 27, 2015 on which it achieved FDD-LTE(4G) license, upgrading the whole network in 341 cities, Ma Hongbing, Deputy General Manager of Network Construction Department, China Unicom, said at China Unicom Communication Terminal Autumn Fair 2016 on November 3.

This big number equals one third of the global total in the same period. It is the first time for China Unicom to deploy network so rapidly, which used to construct 100,000 3G base stations per year.

The extraordinary construction & operation of 4G network has created the growth on 4G subscribers for the operator. It has over 90 million 4G subscribers at present but only 44 million at the end of 2015, which lays the foundation for China Unicom winning the race.

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