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China Telecom to Cancel Domestic Roaming Charges in 2017

28 Nov 2017 - China Telecom,long-distance,roaming

China Telecom aims to cancel the domestic roaming charges before October of 2017, which is expected to be before September, chairman of China Telecom Yang Jie said at the annual shareholder conference on May 23.

Mr. Yang noted that "improving the speed and cutting down the tariff" is a response to the government's strategy and can raise the market competition of the group.

The Chinese premier, Li Keqiang said in a report that China needs a stride toward the network speed improvement & tariff cut - the government plans to cancel the domestic long distance & roaming charges in 2017. Deployed by MIIT, the three major state-owned telecom operators announced they will cancel the domestic long distance & roaming charges since October 10.

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