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China Telecom Mobile Subscribers Will Exceed 240 Million in 2017

16 Dec 2016 - China Telecom,broadband,smart connect,4G
China Telecom has recently released the strategies in 2017. The corporation, according to Yang Xiaowei, general manager of China Telecom, will have achieved over 240 million mobile subscribers and over 150 million broadband subscribers and sold over 120 million devices by 2017.

China Telecom aims to strengthen smart connect basic capacities including 4G network, optical broadband and NB-IoT to facilitate the industry.

In terms of 4G, the telecom giant's 4G base stations will totally reach 1.15 million and it will have built the 800MHz network, world's first low-frequency 4G network, which will realize collaborative coverage in high & low frequency bands with existing networks and support VoLTE.

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