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China Telecom 4G Users Rose 4.86 Million in January

07 Mar 2017 - China Telecom,4G,fixed broadband
China Telecom announced the operating data in January on February 20.

Its 4G user base has been taken to 126.73 million with 4.86 million additions, increasing 6.35 percent compared with 4.57 million of December 2016.

With a net growth of 1.77 million, the carrier's mobile subscribers reached 216.77 million, reflecting the user loss.

In the aspect of fixed broadband, China Telecom added 910,000 users to 124.03 million, up 2.25 percent when compared with the final month of last year, which hit 890,000.

It reported a decline of 300,000 happened to its fixed phone subscriber in January, which hit 126.56 million, slowing in contrast with that in December 2016.

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