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China Mobile Rushes in 2016

09 Jan 2017 - China Mobile,big data
a strategy, China Mobile started aiming at mobile, household, government & enterprise markets and new services rather than individual user in 2016. China Mobile has gained ground in 4G construction, 5G development, fixed broadband, IoT and digital services, still undefeated in China.

By the end of November 2016, China Mobile has constructed 1.46 million 4G base stations covering over 1.3 billion people and had 510 million 4G subscribers, 69% of China's 4G users.

The company has offered VoLTE in over 300 cities in China, driven application of CA with its 4G download peak rate reaching 330Mbps, average download speed rising to 40Mbps. DOU of its 4G subscribers exceeded 1G and NPS hit 32%, which shows China Mobile's leadership position.

China Mobile has cooperated with all the mainstream-band terminal manufacturers, gaining over 700,000 channels while its TD-LTE handset sales came to 400 million in 2016.

The company's continuous progress in 4G changed its revenue structure: wireless data services accounted for 46% of its total revenue in 2016, surpassing voice calls, SMS & MMS and remaining its bread & butter.

By now, China Mobile has opened capacities of basic communication, Internet and IoT. It's easy to see that the company is on a path towards comprehensive operator during 2016.

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