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China Mobile Becomes China's Second Largest FBB Operator

28 Nov 2016 - fixed broadband,China Mobile,China Unicom
In October, a net increase of 2.16 million happened to China Mobile which has added 16.636 million 4G subscribers, over the addition of 4G in September, which is 14.054 million, and the total 4G subscribers have reached 497 million.

The fixed broadband subscribers hit 75.51 million by the end of October, with a net growth of 1.269 million in October. Meanwhile, 3G subscribers reduced 3.984 million to 115 million, which has winded down compared with September.

With the great financial strength, China Mobile has overtaken China Unicom as China's second largest fixed broadband operator.

China Mobile makes the broadband cost decline and offered more choices for ordinary subscribers with its aggressive efforts, but also brings huge pressure to China Telecom and China Unicom and reduces profitability of the entire industry.

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